St Andrew's Baby and Toddler Group

Wednesday 13.45 to 15.15 in School  Term Time 

Because of the current situation with Covid-19, we will not be restarting the Toddler Group this year. This has been a difficult decision to make and is based on a number of factors but mainly due to the nature of the group which is "socially" based with children mixing and playing freely. This of course is not really possible under current conditions. There is also a shortage of people to run the group which may impact opening next year. If you feel able to help then please contact Ann Last.
The website will be updated as soon as possible.“

Mum's and toddlers meet  Wednesday in the main hall for play and a chat.

We would love to see you so please do come along.

If you would like further information please contact Mrs Ann Last on 0151 271 4985

St Andrews Baby and Toddler Group - 2019 Report.

We meet on a Wednesday afternoon during school term time between the hours of 1.45 and 3.15.

  During this year we have seen a further increase in numbers and have recorded 48 family groups attending. These are made up of parents, grandparents, child minders and carers. We operate a ‘drop-in’ style session which seems to suit the age range of new baby to children of up to four years old. We ask for a donation for each session they attend and this helps pay for the refreshments and updating toys and equipment. Adults are made aware that they are responsible for the children they bring to the session. We are responsible for the overall supervision and ensuring that the room, equipment and toys make for a safe environment for everyone.

    We see our role to provide a more social occasion for both adults and children, rather than a more structured routine. We feel that it is very important that children learn to play, share and socialise with each other whilst being able to choose what they play with and move about the room safely.

     The social aspect for the adults is equally important and seems to be enjoyed by all, in particular by the new parents who are making new friends and sharing knowledge with each other.

     Safeguarding is a priority and leaders will shortly be attending another course on this issue.

     We look forward to another year of meeting with new people, therefore fulfilling our commitment to outreach locally.